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Leg Cramp CTA-1

Are Leg Cramps Cramping Your Sleep?

Leg cramps are incredibly painful. This comprehensive page is full of links, videos, and helpful information to help you understand leg cramps and Charley Horses. You'll learn about their connection to a vein condition and what can be done to prevent them. PLUS, watch Dr. Ryan's video demonstrating a technique that will stop a leg cramp in 15 seconds

Visible Signs

What to Look For: Visible Signs of a Vein Condition

We hear many people describe their legs as ugly. They are embarrassed by how they look with the presence of spider veins, skin staining, bulging varicose veins, and even sores that can be painful and are extremely unsightly. Learn more here about how to spot the visible signs of a vein condition.  

Invisible Veins Self-Assessment

Overlooked Signs of a Vein Condition: A Quick Online Self-Assessment

With a vein condition, you may think of those visible and unsightly bulging, purple veins in the legs. Yet, adults of all ages suffer daily, completely unaware that their problems are vein-related. Is it possible to have a vein condition if your legs look normal? The answer is YES!

Checklist of Invisible Signs

Checklist for Invisible Signs of a Vein Condition

Is it possible to have a vein condition if your legs look normal? The answer is YES! In fact, 80% of those who suffer from a significant vein condition have normal-looking legs. This guide explains the signs that indicate a vein condition could be the culprit behind your unexplained symptoms.  

Successful Treatment of Leg Veins for RLS - square

Treatment of Leg Veins for Restless Leg Syndrome

 I and other vein specialists have noted a correlation between restless leg syndrome and vein reflux where the symptoms and patterns match. In the majority of my patients who suffer from RLS and who also are found to have a vein condition, their symptoms significantly improve or disappear with treatment.

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Restless Leg Syndrome Eboook

The symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome are chronic and can be debilitating. This eBook discusses RLS in-depth and presents the link between Restless Leg Syndrome and a vein condition - a link that offers many, for the first time, a real solution.  

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Compression Stocking PP CTA

Comprehensive Guide to Compression Stockings 

If you have questions about compression stockings, this page has the answers. We cover everything you need to know about compression stockings, from information about how they work to video demonstrations of 5 different ways to put them on. 


What's the Skinny on Compression Stockings? 

Do they really work? What are the different types? How do I find the right size?  Answers to those questions and more will be found in this eBook. It's an excellent guide for anyone who has been or is considering wearing compression stockings.


What are the Causes of Leg Swelling? 

The pain, discomfort, and heaviness from swollen legs are a concern for many. It can keep you from feeling healthy and prevent you from participating in and enjoying daily activities. This eBook helps shed light on potential causes and what can be done.


Blood Clots and Your Leg Veins


Blood clots are two words in healthcare that cause patients fear and concern. This eBook discusses causes, risks, types, and treatment options to help you be better able to make informed decisions about your personal healthcare and lifestyle. 

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Leg pain symptoms causes and remedies

Leg Pain: Symptoms, Causes & Remedies

Leg pain can affect us at any age, and keep you from living your best life. Sufferers struggle with knowing the cause and finding solutions. This eBook discusses 13 of the most common causes of leg pain and explores remedies to help bring relief. 


Waking Up Rested: Overcoming Fatigue, Insomnia, & Poor Sleep

Sleep is critical to healthy living. This eBook explores the various types of sleep issues, their potential causes, and helpful remedies. It's an excellent guide for anyone wanting to stop the cycle of poor sleep and get a good night's rest.