Do you know what to look for?

There are often - but not always - visible indicators on your legs that a vein condition is present. 

The presence of a vein condition can be indicated by visibly noticeable indicators. If you, when looking at your legs, see any combination of the signs listed below, we encourage you to schedule a free vein screening. The effects of a vein condition may certainly be cosmetic...and many patients come to us because they are embarrassed by their legs, saying that they feel ugly. Vein treatment will improve not only the look of your legs but also dramatically reduce - if not eliminate - the pain, swelling, and discomfort associated with the presence of vein reflux

When examining your legs, be sure to look at the thighs and the areas around the knees and ankles. A handheld mirror will help you see behind your knees and the back of your ankles. Remember, it is likely that you may see or experience 2 or more of these symptoms: 

If you see any of the following, click on any description below to see pictures and read more. 


Here's what to look for...

If you see any of these visible signs on your legs, contact us for a free screening. Typically, where there are visible signs of a vein condition...there are almost always invisible signs: fatigue, pain and swelling when walking or sitting, restless leg syndrome, inflammation, and more. Click here to see our guide: Checklist of Invisible Signs of a Vein Condition

We invite you to bookmark this page or share it with friends and family who may also be suffering from a vein condition. Our experience is that many who suffer don't know that treatment is available. You don't have to accept unsightly legs, fatigue, and all other signs and symptoms of a vein condition as simply "part of getting older."  Contact us today and get active again! Schedule-free-vein-screening-assessment